The PAX East Schedule is Now Available; Details Inside

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The PAX East Schedule is Now Available; Details Inside

For those of you that will be joining me at the Penny Arcade Expo East, you’ll be happy to know the official schedule has just been posted. With the full schedule listed, you can get to work planning the specifics of your trip. Here’s the list of what to expect for Friday, as a taste of what kinds of shenanigans to expect at the convention. I’ve also included the legend to correspond to location icons:

Location Legend:

Main: Main Theatre    Jam: Jamspace    Mer: Merman Theatre    PC: PC Tourney    Cor: Corgi Theatre

TT: Tabletop    Pho: Phoenix Theatre    TTT: Tabletop Tourney    Sph: Sphinx    Wyv: Wyvern Theatre

HH: Handheld Tourney    Nag: Naga Theatre    CFP: Console Freeplay    Ara: Arachnid Theatre

CT: Console Tourney    QUE: Queue Room    : Concerts

Friday, March 22:

10:00 am                     

Sph: Ask Us Anything – Successful and Upcoming Indie Game Companies

Mer: Con Costuming: A Survival Guide

TTT: Magic: The Gathering Convention League

Nag: Blizzard Entertainment Presents

Ara: So You Want to be a Monster Hunter?: An Introduction

10:30 am

Main: Storytime with Cliff Bleszinski

11:00 am

TTT: D&D Board Game Open Play

TTT: Magic: The Gathering 4 Booster Sealed Deck

TTT: Small World Tournament

Wyv: Winning the PAX East Game

11:30 am

Jam: Boston 8-Bit Presents: PAX 2013 Chiptune Showcase, Part 1

Mer: Game Designers Are Defining the Next 50 Years of Education

Sph: Games Journalism in the Age of Independence

Ara: Nerdcore Hip-Hop: Rising Up

Main: Penny Arcade Q&A

Nag: Recreating an Icon: The Talent Behind the New Lara Croft in TOMB RAIDER

TTT: Ticket to Ride Qualifier Block A Tournament

12:00 pm

TTT: Dominion Open Qualifier Block A

CT: Persona 4 Arena Tournament

Pho: World of Capcom

12:30 pm

TTT: Magic: The Gathering Sealed Deck from Standard Boosters

Wyv: Streetpass Network: Bridging Gamers Within the Community!

TT: We Make and Publish Our Own Games…and It Is Rad

1:00 pm

Nag: Final Fantasy PAX East Panel

Ara: Get Hired in Video Games Marketing

CT: Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Ultimate Tournament

Main: Rooster Teeth

Mer: So You Want To Make Chiptunes?

Sph: The Return of the Return of Bill Amend

1:30 pm

Cor: Game Audio: From Hobbyist to Professional

Pho: Sportsfriends, Indie Collaboration, and Local Multiplayer

2:00 pm

CT: Budokai HD Collection Tournament

Wyv: It’s Dangerous to Go Alone – The Take This Panel

TT: The Future of RPG Design and Publishing

2:30 pm

HH: Mario Kart 7 Tournament

Sph: Return of the TURN-BASED GAMES!!!  (Actually they never went away)

Ara: Strip Search

Mer: Want a Good Story in Your Game? Get an Indie!

3:00 pm

CT: Goldeneye Tournament

Cor: Press XY Presents: We Accept You… Just Don’t Use the Bathroom

TTT: Puerto Rico Tournament

Pho: WildStar: Journey To Nexus

3:30 pm

Wyv: Designing to Do Good

TT: Worldbuilding 101

4:00 pm

CT: Lumines Live!

Mer: Omegathon Round 1: Bomberman Live!

TTT: Race for the Galaxy Qualifier Block A

Sph: Rethinking Gaming Addiction

TTT: Settlers of Catan Qualifier Block A

Nag: The Shaft: Digging up all the Minecraft Nuggets

Ara: This (Boston) Indie Life: From Breaking In to Making It

4:30 pm

TTT: 7 Wonders Qualifier Block A

Cor: The Future of Dungeons & Dragons

5:00 pm

Wyv: Community: The Most Important Bullet Point Not on the Box

Main: Halo 4 Multiplayer: Past, Present, and Future

TT: House Rules: Taking games one step further

CT: Kirby’s Dream Collection Tournament

5:30 pm

Nag: Future of Online Games Panel

Mer: Gamification and Learning: Does Education Need Some ‘Stinking’ Badges?

Ara: Parents as Characters

Sph: What’s Your Gamer Type?

6:00 pm

Pho: Rock Band Behind the Music: A Music Gaming Tell All

Cor: RPGs Are Awesome

CT: Soul Calibur V Tournament

6:30 pm

Wyv: Dorks Vs. Sports

TT: Game Design Workshop

HH: Star Fox 64 3D Tournament

7:00 pm

TTT: D&D Next DM’s Challenge: Mines of Madness

Sph: From Playtest to 3-D Printer: How to Make Your Own Board Game, War Game, or Tamagotchi

TTT: Magic: The Gathering Foil Fest

Mer: Retro Games We Want to Love

CT: Super Smash Bros. Brawl Tournament: Group A

Nag: The LoadingReadyRun Panel

Ara: Twister Tales: Breaking Into Gaming & Partying On!

7:30 pm

Pho: Mega64 Panel, Sorted!

Cor: Standard Action: the Webseries – Season 2!

8:00 pm

PC: Minecraft Tournament

CT: NBA Jam Tournament

Wyv: PAX East Indie Showcase

8:30 pm

TT: Audience Participation Murderous Ghosts – a role-playing game with ghosts and murder

Nag: Blankety Blank!

Sph: Dungeon World: Make Stuff

Main: Friday Night Concerts

Mer: Introduction to Curing Chemicals and Special Effects Costuming

Ara: No, the Monkey Should have a chainsaw:  Design Choices in an Indie

9:00 pm

CT: Super Smash Bros. Brawl Tournament: Group B

Pho: How To Energize Business and Millennial Brand Focus: A Giant Bomb Panel Eduknowledgement Experience

9:30 pm

Nag: Game Show Night: Jeopardy!

10:30 pm

Nag: Game Show Night: Family Feud!

For detailed descriptions of each event, as well as the rest of the weekend’s schedule, be sure to check out the PAX East site using the link posted above. Oh and for those of you who did a double take up there at the 2:30 schedule, that “Strip Search” panel is about the reality TV show. (Hopefully that doesn’t disappoint you too much, but I’m not here to judge.)

Looks like we’re in for the usual PAX experience; chock full of awesome panels, great music, an exciting display out on the show floor, and all the tournaments you can handle. As of this past weekend, passes are officially sold out for each and every night, so hopefully anyone interested in attending already got their registration taken care of. I regrettably had to miss out on PAX East last year, but our time apart has only strengthened my desire to get back to my favorite convention for gamers, by gamers. If you want to hang out or play a few tabletop games, feel free to send me a message on Twitter. If you want to tell me how much you hate my feature editorials, I guess that’s fine too. Or you could just tell me how much you love me. Either way, I’ll be there having a good time and you’re welcome to chill alongside me.

Who here plans on attending PAX East this year? Let us know which days and what events you plan on being around for in the comments below.

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