Nick Hernandez

Editor-in-Chief / Founder
Nick is based out of London, Ontario; and has been flexing his literary skills for about 2 years. Initially attracted to the space due to his kinship with the creative minds that tend to socialize through the gaming industry, and having played games all his life; it led to a natural willingness to learn more about both the people, and entities that drive innovation in the space. A self-confessed Conter Strike: Source aficionado he claims the aforementioned as his favourite game of all time, simply due to the sheer amount of hours he has spent in the game. An optimist by nature, Nick tends to see the best in everyone, even if they can’t in themselves.

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Chris Hernandez

Co-Founder & Senior Editor
Based out of Ontario, Canada, Chris has been writing for the best part of 3 years. First introduced to the world of gaming, by the infamous Chrono Trigger, it was the first RGP he ever played (which he still considers the best); which got him hooked on the diversity of ideas and interactivity that only the gaming medium offers. An absolute laugh to be around, his darm humour affords him the unique skill of finding comedic hilarity in the strangest of places.

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Angela Min

Angela Min is our resident west-coast contributor, hailing from Los Angeles, California. A Pokemon enthusiast, she is totally addicted to leveling up and catching them all. Playing Nintendo and Sega since the age of 6, outside of the gaming world she likes to collect batarangs and all things Batman.

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Michael Lacerna

A Cypress, California native; Michael is a well seasoned contributor to the site, with over 7 years of writing experience. His favorite titles include Phantasy Star Online and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, he become a a fan of the gaming niche, out of pure-unadulterated ‘fun’; and is secretly engaged to Taeyeon Kim.


Dave Bast

Dave was born and raised just outside of Manhattan, NY. As an only child armed with a Nintendo, he quickly discovered an affinity for all things digital, becoming an avid gamer by age 7. While other kids outgrew their gaming “phases,” he stuck with it, playing any game he could get his hands on for over 20 years. After graduating with an undergraduate degree in English Literature he accepted a job as an insurance broker for a few years before leaving to get a masters degree in Game Production. Now he hopes to use his unique skill-set and unorthodox education for the greater good of the gaming industry.

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Zack Dodge

Based out of London, Ontario, was attracted to gaming after falling headfirst in to the world of Halo. He lives, eats and breathes everything Halo; which beckoned the calling to suit up and learn more about the gaming industry as a whole. A musician at heart, Zack was the guy you had a crush on (shh, we won’t tell) in the school band.

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Wayne Jefferson

Contributing Editor

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