Former King of Fighters developers turn to crowdfunding to finish next game

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Former King of Fighters developers turn to crowdfunding to finish next game

There are three reasons you should donate to the Yatagarasu: Attack on Cataclysm crowdfunding campaign: 1. the game looks awesome, like some sort of lost Neo Geo fighter from the late 90’s, 2. it’s being developed by people who used to work on the King of Fighters series, and 3. it has a cool name (bested only by Capcom’s Rival Schools: United by Fate.)

Yatagarasu hopes to appeal to fight game veterans and scrubs alike by offering “a fighting game that everyone can enjoy by creating a simple structure and straightforward gameplay without the clutter of lots of unnecessary features.”  The game’s mechanics and fighting system were designed by Umezono, one of the top Japanese Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 players, and features art by Kotani Tomoyuki, who previously worked on the King of Fighters series.

An earlier version of Yatagarasu is already available for download via Rice Digital, but Yatagarasu’s devs are hoping to use any money gained from their crowdfunding campaign to substantially expand and improve the game. “We are seeking funding to allow us to make a leap in progress and also to add new elements that we otherwise might not be able to include,” the Yatagarasu IndieGoGo page reads. The game’s developers want to add in at least two new characters (in addition to the older version’s existing eight,) fund an English language localization, and secure an arcade release for the game in Japan.

With 45 days left in their campaign, Yatagarasu has currently raised $5,600 of its $68,000 goal. The team behind Yatagarasu will only get paid for their work if the campaign reaches its highest stretch goal of $311,000 — so far, Yatagarasu has been a sort of passion project for the game’s developers, and all of them have “work[ed] for zero pay” so far. Regardless of whether the game meets his fundraising goals or not, the game’s developers have promised to keep Yatagarasu updated with regular balance updates, graphical upgrades, online service, and new additions to the game’s story.

Currently, Yatagarasu is only available for PC, but the game’s developers are reportedly in talks to bring the game to 3DS.

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