Retro Was Given a Choice Between Metroid and Donkey Kong

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Retro Was Given a Choice Between Metroid and Donkey Kong

During The Big N’s special E3 edition of Nintendo Direct, they announced that the secret project Retro Studios had been working on was in fact a new Donkey Kong title and not, as many had assumed, a new Metroid game. While speaking during Nintendo’s software showcase (you know, that whole closed-door presser that Nintendo did at E3 instead of having a big presentation on stage,) Retro president and CEO Michael Kelbough stated that the studio was allowed to choose between working on either a successor to Donkey Kong Country Returns or getting back to Metroid. The decision, though difficult, seemed obvious to them.

Admitting that the studio took some time to think hard about the decision, Kelbough revealed they ultimately decided on returning to everyone’s favorite tie-wearing Ape because “they felt they had unfinished business” with the world, as reported by Official Nintendo Magazine. No further details about the decision were discussed, but the most likely scenario is that the team left a lot of unused ideas on the cutting room floor during DKCR‘s development, and wanted to see those designs all the way through before letting go of Donkey Kong and crew.

I can’t imagine how difficult it must’ve been to have to choose between developing one or the other. Retro reinvigorated Samus’ adventures with Metroid Prime, and did the very same when they brought DK back to his platforming roots with Donkey Kong Country Returns. Both franchises owe a lot to the talented folks at Retro, and I only wish there was enough time in the day to work on both projects simultaneously. Obviously,given my Nintendo wish list for this year’s E3, I would’ve preferred they’d chosen the golden-haired intergalactic bounty hunter of my dreams over some banana-loving monkey (just kidding guys, relax,) but it is what it is. Truthfully, Returns was such a great game that I absolutely can’t wait to pick up Tropical Breeze, it’s just unfortunate one excellent game had to come at the temporary cost of another.

With any luck, once Tropical Breeze wraps up the team can get to work bringing Samus to life in glorious HD. The Wii U has a pretty strong lineup over the next full year, so I can’t complain too much about having to wait for a new Metroid. Just make sure it happens, Nintendo.

What do you folks think about Retro’s decision? Are you glad a direct sequel to Donkey Kong Country Returns is in the works? Or would you rather the team have brought back the Prime series? Let us know in the usual place, and don’t forget to like IGXPro on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or give us the ‘ol +1 on Google+. And if you can’t get enough of my shenanigans, (who could blame you?) you can check me out @GamingsNirvana, or add +VinnyParisi to your circles.

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