PC shooters Primal Carnage and Blacklight: Retribution coming to PS4

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PC shooters Primal Carnage and Blacklight: Retribution coming to PS4

During tonight’s “Playstation Indie Arcade” event at GDC, Sony announced that indie PC FPS’ Primal Carnage and Blacklight: Retribution are making their way over to the Playstation 4.

Blacklight Retribution is a free-to-play, competitive FPS that originally launched on the PC last year. The PS4 version will still be free to download, and will apparently feature identical gameplay to the PC version. It’s currently unknown if PC players will be able to play with PS4 users, or if the servers will be segregated by platform.

While Blacklight Retribution is staying the same, Primal Carnage is changing a bit: the brand new Primal Carnage: Genesis forgoes the class-based, multiplayer-only focus of the original game in favor of an episodic single player adventure. Ashton Anderson, the founder of Primal Carnage’s developer, Lukewarm Media, says that the first episode is on schedule to be a PS4 launch title. Genesis will also make its way to the PC two to three months after its debut on PS4. No details have been announced about the game’s pricing.

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