SMITE Your Opponents and Win $10,000 at PAX East

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SMITE Your Opponents and Win $10,000 at PAX East

Are you going to PAX East this year? Would you like to go home with a whopping $10,000? Well then, perhaps you should consider signing up for the upcoming SMITE tournament that will be held at the convention later this month. While seven of the eight teams taking part in the tournament have been predetermined by Hi-Rez Studios themselves, the final slot is open for public registration; so anyone who thinks their team deserves a shot is free to sign up.

Here is the announcement in full, courtesy of the official Hi-Rez Studios site:

“Open beta is progressing extremely well, and it’s largely in part to the dedicated players and teams that have been grinding away since the start of closed beta. Because of these players, both the balance of the game and overall content generated has been greatly increased, which has allowed us to streamline our project directly to the masses, in a much cleaner fashion.

As thanks to our dedicated fanbase, During PAX East (March 22-24), we will be hosting an invitational for some of the most hardworking, dedicated teams in the world. We have thoroughly scrutinized over three dozen teams in our process for selecting our invitees. We’ve boiled the list down to who believe are the seven most deserving groups of players in competitive Smite. These seven teams have time and time again proved that they’re worth their salt, and will be invited to compete in an event with a prize pool of


You’re probably thinking “Why seven? That would leave one team without an opponent, and this isn’t fair! It should be eight!” And you’re right! It absolutely should be. While these teams are some of the most dominant, and dedicated players, this event was shaped thanks to everyone who plays Smite, and to that same end, we wanted to give everyone out there a fair shot at the prize! On March 10th, we will also be holding a single elimination, best of one WILDCARD event. The winning team will then be invited to compete as the eighth team during PAX East!

This event will be broadcasted live from PAX East, and with the help and support of Twitch, we’re going to bring you some of the best and brightest, playing for the largest prize that Smite has seen to date! If you and your team are interested in becoming a part of this legendary event, make sure to check out the sign-up link in the WILDCARD section!

To our fans and players, we’re extremely excited to bring to you a event of this scale. It’s thanks to everyone who has played our game that we’ve been able to grow so quickly as a community. This event is the first of many to come, that will support our growing competitive scene.”

The Wildcard event takes place on Sunday, March 10. The basic rules are as follows:

“All teams are able to enter, so long as the player’s accounts are in good standing. Players with suspended accounts are ineligible, and are not allowed to compete using smurfs or alternate accounts. Teams found using a player whose accounts are not all in good standing will result in forfeit.

The winning team will earn a spot in the $10,000 Invitational, and the chance to compete in the most prestigious event that Smite has held to date!

Top three teams will also earn gem packages! (Amounts TBA)”

SMITE is a third-person free-to-play Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) and can be downloaded here.

PAX East is home to some of the most exciting gaming tournaments on the east coast, and this is just one more to add to the list. Those who can’t attend but are interested in viewing the tournament will be able to catch the action over live-stream via Twitch. Finally, for those of you who aren’t interested in playing for money, SMITE will also be available to play out on the show floor. You know, just for fun and stuff. Remember when playing games was about having fun? Nothing against the pro-gaming scene, I just prefer to enjoy my games without any strings or stress.

Who here is daring enough to try their hand in the wildcard tournament? If you do sign up, be sure to check back here and let us know how it went. Oh, and be sure to come say hi if you’re going to the convention this year. I’ll be hanging around having all kinds of fun.

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