Liberation Maiden is being ported to iOS

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Liberation Maiden is being ported to iOS

Liberation Maiden, the previously 3DS exclusive shooter about the schoolgirl-president of Japan, is getting an iOS port.

Liberation Maiden was one of the games in Level 5’s “Guild 01,” a collection of quick, smaller titles put together by some of Japan’s most famous game designers. Liberation Maiden was designed by Goichi Suda, the creator of cult-classics like Killer 7, No More Heroes, and Flower,Sun, and Rain. The game is an overhead 3D shooter starring a Japanese schoolgirl (who also happens to be the president of Japan,) who has to fight off a foreign occupation by piloting an agile, flying mech. So yeah, it’s basically the most Japanese game ever.

Liberation Maiden showed up on New Zealand’s version of the App Store earlier this morning, and it’s safe to assume that the title will also appear on the international versions of the store as well.

While the Guild 01 compilation was released on a cartridge in Japan, the games were split up and sold individually in the US via the 3DS eShop. Other Guild 01 titles include the classic-styled RPG Crimson Shroud (directed by Yasumi Matsuno, the designer behind Final Fantasy Tactics, Vagrant Story, and Final Fantasy 12,) and the luggage sorting puzzle game Aero Porter (designed by Yoot Saito, best known for creating the Dreamcast virtual pet Seaman.)

Level 5 hasn’t announced yet if the other Guild 01 titles will also get ported over to iOS.

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