YouTube Tuesday: Dota 2 Team Liquid Late-Game Comeback

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YouTube Tuesday: Dota 2 Team Liquid Late-Game Comeback

I normally don’t like posting Dota 2 videos on YouTube Tuesday because if you’re a fan you’ve probably already seen it and if not they tend to be a bit chaotic. However, after watching last night’s epic final game from the Defense 3 between Team Liquid and Mousesports I just had to share it. It represents what I love about Dota 2 and E-Sports in general; that no game is over until it’s over. I’m glad to see that the competition within the genre has really stepped up as games these days, even games in the past few weeks, have been more exciting than they have in the past. Don’t worry if you get lost, I’ll give a rundown of what to pay attention to after the jump. 

Most games of Dota 2 last roughly 30-45 minutes before reaching what’s known as end-game. End-game is pretty much the point in the game where most of the players have their full item builds, respawn timers are over a minute, and there’s pretty much nothing but team fights left before a winner is decided.

Last night’s game reached end-game, after about 45 minutes of constant back and forth fighting it really looked like Mousesports, or Mouz for short, were going to take the game in the end. They had almost finished pushing Team Liquid’s base which would have ended the game. But then Team Liquid’s late-game carry hero, the teal Gyrocopter, decided to purchase a Divine Rapier, an item which give it’s user a ton of bonus attack damage but will be dropped, for anyone on either team to pick up, if the player dies. It’s a huge gamble; if the player survives they can win the game almost single handedly, but if they die the enemy team could pick it up and end the game.

In this case it saved the game, Mousesports was about to win, but with a DR in the hands of a late game Gyrocopter, Team Liquid took the game. The game’s caster, Tobiwon, was just as impressed and flabbergasted in watching Team Liquid pull a win out of thin air.

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