YouTube Tuesday: Presidential Pokémon Edition

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YouTube Tuesday: Presidential Pokémon Edition

Of all the things the most recent American Presidential election season will be remembered for, there’s none more strange than its association with the Pokémon theme song. Everyone remembers Herman Cain’s odd quoting of the song on national TV and the campaign trail. At first he denied any similarities, but after it was clear he couldn’t win the nomination he came out and admitted the source, saying “he fell in love with the song.” I can’t say I blame him, I mean who doesn’t love the Pokémon theme song, although it is a strange muse for a politician on the campaign trail. Well now someone has created a mash-up of President Obama’s quotes, turning them into the lyrics to same theme song most of us knew as children. Of course it’s not complete as the president hasn’t been caught on camera saying the word Pokémon yet, but other than that it’s very well done. 

To be honest I could get used to this kind of fan creation; turning political speeches and addresses into the video game and cartoon theme songs of my childhood. My hat’s off to whomever put together President Obama’s rendition of the Pokémon theme song, finding pretty much every word used in the theme song except the word Pokémon itself. We have some of the most amazing technology in the world available to us and I, for one, am glad that this is how at least some of it is used. There’s still four years left for this president, so maybe he’ll slip up and use the word Pokémon in a sentence so that this video can be officially complete.

Hopefully this won’t be the last gaming theme song to get recreated using the normally boring words of a politician, but until then this rendition is good enough to get me through the rest of the winter.

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