Medal of Honor series retired due to Warfighter’s poor sales

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Medal of Honor series retired due to Warfighter’s poor sales

EA’s Medal of Honor series was once one of gaming’s premiere FPS franchises, but due to the poor reception that Medal of Honor: Warfighter got when it was released last Fall, EA says they’re taking the franchise “out of rotation.”

Warfighter was met with almost universally poor reviews when it was released, and consumers decided to skip the game in favor of the season’s other big FPS’s, like Call of Duty and Halo 4. Despite the poor reception, EA COO Peter Moore still isn’t ready to admit that Warfighter was a bad game, saying, “The game was solid, but the focus on combat authenticity did not resonate with consumers…¬†Critics were polarized and gave the game scores which were, frankly, lower than it deserved.”

Still, despite Moore’s ardent defense of the title, he admitted that Warfighter performed below expectations, and that the company will instead focus on their other shooter franchises (I’m assuming he means Battlefield,) rather than create any new entries in the Medal of Honor series.

Personally, I didn’t think this generation’s Medal of Honor games were that bad, but they weren’t anything special either. There are plenty of great FPS’s to choose from nowadays, and I’m not going to drop $60 for a C+ game like Medal of Honor when there are plenty of A+ alternatives for the same price (including EA’s own Battlefield 3.) I loved the original Medal of Honor back on PS1 in 1999, and Medal of Honor Frontline was one of the first games I bought for my PS2 back in the day, but despite my nostalgic attachment to the series, I think it’s probably for the best that EA has decided to retire the franchise.

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