Game Art: Sega Personifies All 13 of Their Consoles as Cute Anime Ladies

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Game Art: Sega Personifies All 13 of Their Consoles as Cute Anime Ladies

So here’s a bit of interesting news.  Sega is cooking up something special for their free-to-play PS Vita game Samurai & Dragons.  There is a longstanding fan art tradition of representing game consoles as anime women, and now Sega is releasing what assumedly will be the official version of this practice in regards to their own consoles.  The art is designed by Kei, who is responsible for creating Hatsune Miku’s image (You know, that singing synthesizer application with a humanoid persona… It’s Japan.)  How does this relate to Samurai & Dragons, you ask? The designs will be used as “monster cards” (think Pokemon) for use in the game.

Additionally, Sega is giving similar treatment to all 12 of their arcade boards, although the task of creating those will go to various anime illustrators including Yumiko Hara of Total Eclipse fame.  These will be released in a separate downloadable card pack some time after the release of the console pack.

According to SGCafe, Sega is referring to the console card pack as “Segakko 13: Yume Kanaeshi Mono.”  For those who don’t speak the language, myself included, this roughly translates into, “Sega Daughters 13: Machines Who Grant Dreams.”

When asked about the pack’s subtitle, Samurai & Dragons producer Riichirou Yamada stated it refers to the way he personally felt as a kid, believing game consoles really were machines capable of granting dreams.

The Segakko 13 pack is scheduled to release on February 1st, alongside other content updates for season three of Samurai & Dragons.  No word on the official date for the arcade board pack was given.

Anyone here fans of Samurai & Dragons?  I’ll admit the art is pretty adorable, but I wonder what type of release capacity we’ll see for these designs outside of a PS Vita free-to-play game.  Truth be told I might want a full-sized poster of the Dreamcast one.














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  1. It wouldn’t be Japanese if there weren’t close ups of their chests in every background image.

    Comment by Chris Hernandez / 30 Jan / 12:38 pm
  2. I’m not hearing an objection ;)

    Comment by Vinny Parisi / 30 Jan / 12:54 pm

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