Project X Zone, the Capcom vs Namco vs Sega crossover S-RPG, is finally coming to the US

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Project X Zone, the Capcom vs Namco vs Sega crossover S-RPG, is finally coming to the US

When Project X Zone was first announced in Japan, few people thought that the massive crossover game would ever make it to the States: while Sega, Capcom, and Namco are pretty buddy-buddy in Japan, most people assumed that there’d be too much legal wrangling and rights disputes between the three companies to warrant an American release. Thankfully, those assumptions were wrong, as today Namco Bandai announced that Project X Zone will be released for the 3DS in America, Europe, and Australia sometime in 2013.

Project X Zone was developed by Nintendo second party Monolith Soft (creators of Xenoblade Chronicles, Baten Kaitos, and Xenosaga,) and features characters from assorted Sega, Capcom, and Namco franchises, including Mega Man, Tekken, Resident Evil, Shining Force, and the Tales Of series.

I’ve heard some mixed things about Project X Zone’s gameplay from importers, but despite that, I’m still willing to give PxZ a shot when it heads Stateside simply based on its concept alone: as someone who grew up playing a lot of these franchises, PxZ’s mega-roster of Japanese gaming icons gets my inner fanboy all hot and bothered. I haven’t been this excited about a crossover game since Smash Bros., and even if Project X Zone doesn’t end up being the best S-RPG ever, I’ll still probably end up liking it just for the sheer amount of fanservice in the game.


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  1. So, elements of Fire Emblem, Super Smash Bros, and Marvel vs Capcom, all combined into one? Awesome, or INCREDIBLY AWESOME?

    Comment by GamerFromJump / 22 Jan / 8:54 am

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