BlueAnt Ribbon Review – Streaming Music Made Easy!

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BlueAnt Ribbon Review – Streaming Music Made Easy!

I once knew someone who would destroy their headphones once a month. She would drop her phone or iPod as she was walking around and the weight of the device would ultimately compromise the cord of the headphones. A lot of money went into replacing those headphones and the problem was never really solved. BlueAnt came up with such a simple and beautiful solution; I can’t believe I didn’t think it up on my own. The BlueAnt Ribbon is a Bluetooth stereo streamer. What is that you say? It’s quite simply; a device that connects to your phone through Bluetooth allows you to connect an auxiliary cable to it so you can stream music through anything, such something as simple as headphones or something bigger like a home theater system.

I’ve been using the BlueAnt Ribbon at the gym and it’s basically transformed my whole exercising experience. Whenever I ran on the treadmill, the cord on my earphones would swing back and fourth and ultimately pull at my earphones and they would fall out of my ear. I disliked using the armbands to hold my music player that never seem to work properly or feel comfortable. So, after I got a hold of the BlueAnt Ribbon I immediately connected my earphones to the device and synced it up with my phone to test out the sound quality and I must say I was extremely impressed on the sound quality and how loud I could turn my music up to. While at the gym my phone(music player) never had to leave the cup holder on the treadmill and my earphones stayed in place the whole time.

The best part is, instead of going out and buying new Bluetooth headphones, earphones or a stereo, the Ribbon turns any of these devices into a Bluetooth device. It’s a simple and inexpensive solution to a problem that costs you money in the long run. Now that I have it, I’m convinced that everyone needs it and with an MSRP of $69.99 you really can’t go wrong.

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