BlueAnt Commute Bluetooth Speaker Review

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BlueAnt Commute Bluetooth Speaker Review

If you’re anything like me, you sneak a peek at your phone while you’re driving. You know you’re not supposed to, and you know from all of the Public Service Announcements that it is incredibly dangerous. The problem is that I’ve become incredibly dependent on my phone. I can’t even be away from texting someone longer than ten minutes at a time. Fortunately for me, BlueAnt came up with a brilliant solution to this problem. With the BlueAnt Commute, you can text and call hands free with beautiful clarity.

Commute is a speakerphone that connects to your phone through Bluetooth. With simply saying “BlueAnt speak to me”, the Commute will do a variety of commands that would normally take your eyes off the road. From reading your text messages back to you and allowing you to speak what you wish to text, the device has made texting completely hands free. Answering phone calls are a breeze, and the clarity of the device is spectacular. BlueAnt’s reputation for the best sound of a Bluetooth device doesn’t disappoint. Wind and echoing is cancelled out so that the person on the other line receiving your call can’t even tell that you aren’t speaking directly into your phone. The best part is, set up and use is so easy.

The Commute also works as speakers, allowing you to stream music or even your GPS app through the device. What if your passenger wants to play music on their phone but you want to stay connected to answer phone calls? This can be done through the Commute, because it can connect to two devices at once!

Best news of all, with a simple “Launch voice commands”, Siri will launch of your iPhone device, or Google Voice Actions will launch on your Android device. After using this product for a couple of days, I can happily say that my temptation to check my phone has completely disappeared. So if you’re looking for something to help you with those long car commutes, consider getting the BlueAnt Commute.

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