Violent Games? Not a Problem, but Bingo, Well that’s Restricted.

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Violent Games? Not a Problem, but Bingo, Well that’s Restricted.

As a gamer I’m offended by the use of violent games as a scapegoat for violent real-world behavior. I do however see why they make such a convenient target; there’s an almost endless amount of different types of violence to choose from. We’ve got gang related violence, drug violence, violence for fun, you name it and we’ve got a game for you. Even though it is criticized in the media, there’s no shortage of games to choose from and none are ever banned.

That’s why I was disappointed and surprised this morning when I woke up to play a new game which was banned to me simply because I’m an American. It’s non-violent, timeless, and I doubt anyone has ever muttered a bad word about the game. You’d think Bingo would be a game free from controversy, but as I found out this morning even this church approved pastime isn’t safe from nonsense of the real-world. 

I was given the simple task of taking a look at FoxyBingo to write a small review. You may have heard about the U.K. based game thanks to their well-dressed fox and his musical numbers. But apparently I’m not allowed to play the game from my location, as the game quickly locked me out before I could play. It’s strange really; I can go out and play some of the most disgusting and gratuitously violent games on the market, and yet Bingo and its gambling is more than I can handle, at least according to the powers that be.

There’s isn’t the only one, I’ve found that many games which revolve around gambling have been banned or are simply unavailable to me as an American. I’m one for open content, whatever that content may be. The violent video game debate may be offensive to some, but at least there’s a discussion; gambling games like Bingo have been shut down for years without so much as a conversation.

Of course it all comes down to the money. Anything else would be ok, but since it’s gambling, Big Brother is there making sure I don’t spend too much. I really didn’t want to play anything violent today, but I’ve really been left with no other option. Can’t a guy just play some Bingo?

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  1. This kills me. I can’t believe what our people have turned into. Anymore it seems that any “Gun related” issue is being blamed directly on rap and video game violence. All I want to know is, when pong came out on Atari, Why wasn’t their an “outbreak” or “epidemic” of ping-pong players? Games don’t kill, But the Gov. does.

    Comment by TheLevelBlog / 20 Jan / 2:59 pm

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