YouTube Tuesday: 2013 Previews Edition

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YouTube Tuesday: 2013 Previews Edition

Since this is my first YouTube Tuesday since the New Year began (and the first for me in a while since my previous computer finally bit the dust) I figured it would be a good time to preview some of the games coming out this year. I won’t go through everything, partly because I’ve already previewed a few games, namely SimCity, GTA V, and the Gears of War prequel, but mostly because there are only a handful I’m really looking forward to. By the end of the year I’m sure the list of games I enjoyed will be very different from the list of games I’m looking forward to enjoying, but until I see for myself these are the games I’m looking forward to, all for different reasons.

Aliens: Colonial Marines 

Third time’s the charm? Forth? Ever since I saw Aliens as a kid I’ve been hoping that someone would make a game out of what has become my favorite Sci-Fi movie of all time, however I never thought that so many would try and fail to successfully capture the Aliens world in a game. It seems that every few years some developer takes a crack at the universe, hoping to somehow balance the Aliens hectic wall-walking melee combat against the marines, their pulse rifles, and of course, motion trackers. Some have come close, but nevertheless we once again have another title hoping to find success where others have failed. Maybe this will be the title my ten year old self has been waiting for?

The Elder Scrolls Online

I haven’t really played an online game, unless you consider MOBAs to be online games, since vanilla WoW. I tend to get a bit overzealous when playing MMOs, so I decided a long time ago that I wasn’t going to play them anymore unless it was really a game that was worth my time. If The Elder Scrolls Online game is everything that the developers say it’s going to be, then I may have found the title I’m looking for. It’s not so much the gameplay as the potential for substantial crafting systems, which were teased in an online survey a few months ago.

Yeah yeah, I get it, I’ll be able to play with friends and kill monsters and all that kind of stuff. But will I be able to become a merchant? Own my own shop? If I can then I may just have to lift my MMO moratorium.

Bioshock Infinite 

Until a few weeks ago I didn’t really care at all about the Bioshock franchise. But now, after snagging Bioshock 2 during an unbeatable Steam sale I’ve grown fond of the franchise once again. They managed to take the game out from under the water and give player a chance to explore the game from a whole new perspective. Many have mentioned that it does sort of look like Dishonored, and it does, but it’s also wholly Bioshock, straight down to the UI. I’m all for exploring this title now that I’ve played the sequel.

Metro: Last Night 

A sequel to the cult hit Metro: 2033, Metro: Last Night is set to be another gripping first person survival horror game. There isn’t too much to go on in the way of hype, which is to be honest the best way to play a game like this, but it does look as if the game will be familiar to those who played the original.

Perhaps one of the darkest games I’ve played both figuratively and literally, Metro: 2033 was also one of the more intense and rewarding survival horror games I’ve ever played, especially when played in its native tongue, Russian. There are many themes that are present in other titles, but none were ever able to capture the dark hopelessness that Metro: 2033 did. It looks like the sequel will be no different.

Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm

What? Why is this on the list? Dave are you crazy? You don’t play Starcraft. Normally I would agree, but I have a confession to make; while I don’t really care at all about Starcraft’s multiplayer (I’m terrible at it) I do have a soft spot for its single player campaign. Ever since I was a kid, Blizzard RTS campaigns have been a fun way to kill some time, especially now considering how good their cinematics have become. I like to take my time, follow instructions, and then ‘A’ move to destroy the computer – It’s juvenile, but like I said it’s a guilty pleasure.

So while all of the units keep changing on their multiplayer servers, and all sorts of pro players have opinions as to what should be kept and what shouldn’t, I’m eagerly waiting to see whether or not Kerrigen will finally get her revenge against Mengsk for leaving her to die all those years ago.

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