Monster Launched PowerTap

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Monster Launched PowerTap

CES 2013 – It seems like this year is the year for additional power devices and to make your life even harder in choosing one that’s perfect for you Monster has launched its own “PowerTap 4000/6000.” PowerTap fixes the issue of being on long trips and having your phone or tablet dying with no plug in sight as all you need to do is simply plug in the USB cable to the bottom of the PowerTap 4000 and it will give you at least one additional full charge on your phone or tablet. The PowerTap 6000 has a larger battery and will be able to keep your phone alive even ¬†longer!

If charging only one device at a time is not good enough for you then they also solve that issue with their second product “PowerTap Duo” which includes 2 USB charging ports so you can easily charge whatever you need on the go. You can easily bring it with you and charge it when not in use with its fold out AC ¬†prongs. The downside to these devices, in my opinion, is that they are targeting users on the go, but the last thing I want to carry around with me is just another device to weigh down my bag and fill space in my already full bag.

However, if the PowerTap series is something you’ve always been looking for, from a well known company such as Monster, then you can pick up the PowerTap 4000 for $69.95, PowerTap 6000 – $99.95, or the PowerTap Duo – $39.95 in the near future at all retailers such as Wal-Mart and Best Buy that sell Monster products.

Here is a random picture from Nick Cannon at the press conference give us a caption for it in the comments:

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