Xbox Live Gold is free this weekend

Posted By: In: Gaming News, Xbox 360 On: 30 Nov

Xbox Live Gold is free this weekend

Got an Xbox 360 but don’t like paying for Xbox Live? Well, you’re in luck: this weekend Microsoft is letting everyone enjoy all the features of Xbox Live for free.

Microsoft’s charitable gesture will only last until the end of this Sunday, after which they’ll once again lock most of the 360’s online feature’s behind Gold’s pay wall. But for now, all of the common rabble can enjoy what it’s like to get fragged by a ten year old and get called a “fag” as he teabags our corpses. In addition to online play, other Xbox “apps” like Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Crackle will be available to everyone as well, provided you already have an account with those services.

Strangely, the free weekend is only happening in non-European territories: while the rest of the world gets to enjoy the benefits of Live for free this weekend, Microsoft has strangely decided to leave our Old World brothers and sisters out. I feel bad for you guys, I really do, but if it makes you feel better, you guys usually get nicer collector’s editions than we do.

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