Possible Wii U exploit patched, offers hints at unannounced titles

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Possible Wii U exploit patched, offers hints at unannounced titles

The Wii U got off to a rocky start this weekend as users had trouble connecting to Nintendo’s new online network and downloading the subsequent (massive) firmware update, and to make matters worse, within hours of the console’s launch, one Wii U owner was able to “accidentally” stumble into an admin-only debug menu of the Nintendo Network, which apparently gave him access to other users’ info. Thankfully, Nintendo says the issue has already been resolved.

Nintendo says that the debug menu that GAF user Trike accidentally discovered was simply a test site used for internal purposes, and that it contained no actual user information. The ability to access the supposed dummy menu was swiftly removed by Nintendo once word of the alleged “exploit” got out, so it’s a non-issue at this point.

The most interesting news to emerge from all this is an alleged list of games that was posted to the admin-only message board: screencaps taken before the menus were taken down list several games that haven’t yet officially been announced for the Wii U, such as “Yoshi’s Land Wii U,” “Metal Gear Solid,” “Soul Hackers,” and “Resident Evil.” None of these titles have been officially confirmed by Nintendo or any of their third parties yet, but if the screencaps are legit, this could mean that those franchises are on their way to Nintendo’s new console.

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