5 Stupid Ideas That Got Turned Into Terrible Games

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5 Stupid Ideas That Got Turned Into Terrible Games

Because sometimes you just look at a game and have to ask yourself, “How did this get made? Who thought this was a good idea?”All games, even the best ones, have stupid parts that make you ask, “What were the developers thinking?” The Library in Halo. Stealth sections in Zelda. The awkward 1 on 1 old man fighting game at the end of Metal Gear Solid 4. Nobody gets it right 100% of the time, and even the best games manage to showcase a stupid idea or two. In the case of the games I just mentioned, it’s easy to let a mistake or two slide because the rest of the experience is so damn good.

But this list isn’t about an errant design miscalculation or a short, forgettable drop in quality. This also isn’t a list about games that have one or two poorly thought out sections or a gameplay gimmick that didn’t pan out — No, this list about something much worse. This is a list of games that were stupid from the moment they were conceived.

There are plenty of bad games out there that probably sounded good on paper — I bet Duke Nukem Forever sounded awesome when they were designing it a decade ago, and while it obviously eventually evolved into a notably not-funny train wreck, the idea of a Duke Nukem sequel wasn’t flawed on a conceptual level. As much as I’d like to (justifiably) continue shitting on Duke Nukem Forever, this list isn’t about plain old bad games like Duke. This list is about stupid ideas that sounded stupid from the very moment they were pitched, and that somehow ended up going through the entire production process and that managed to actually appear on store shelves. These are the videogame equivalents of Tommy Wiseau’s The Room or Jennifer Lopez’s Gigli; these are games that were flawed frpm the moment of inception, games that are based on ideas so stupid you wonder why nobody on the dev team asked “Why the hell are we making this?” during their production process.

Now, it’d be easy to fill this list up with the usual Wii shovelware or PC casual titles (seriously, look at the PC “games” section of your local Target or Wal-Mart,) but that’d be no fun. Instead, I’ve picked stupid ideas and stupid(er) games that came out of supposedly reputable publishers and developers who really should have known better.

WWE Crush Hour

The idea: Put wrestlers in a game that isn’t about wrestling.

It’s 2006, and THQ is making bank off of their series of games based around the lucrative WWE license. The Wal-Mart crowd just can’t get enough of THQ’s annualized wrestling games, but that’s part of the problem: as with Madden or FIFA, THQ can really only get away with releasing one version of their “sports” game per year. Their solution: make a game starring wrestling superstars like Stone Cold Steve Austin or Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and not have them wrestle; instead of doing, y’know, the thing they’re famous for and that people want to watch them do, THQ instead opted to shoehorn world wrestling’s most famous faces into a half-assed Twisted Metal clone.

I’m not really sure what goes through wrestling fans’ heads as they watch a WWE match, but I’m pretty sure not one of them has ever stopped and thought, “Watching these guys wrestle is cool, but it’d be even better if they climbed into brightly colored clown cars and launched rockets at each other.” Yet that’s pretty much exactly what WWE Crush Hour is: a game that stars pro-wrestlers, but doesn’t involve any actual wrestling. I’m sure most people who read that previous sentence probably understand the stupidity of that concept, but apparently THQ management didn’t. I hope those same guys are still working in the game industry, because I’d like to pitch them some similar game ideas I’ve had, like Batman Preps His Taxes and Downton Abbey Kart Racing.

Dragonball Evolution

The idea: Let’s make a game based on the worst thing to ever be associated with Dragon Ball.

There’s no shortage of Dragon Ball games out there: Akira Toriyama’s famous fantasy martial arts epic has managed to maintain it’s popularity around the world, even decades after its release, and game companies have been creating games based on the franchise ever since the NES/Famicom days, with new DBZ games still coming out on a roughly yearly basis and always managing to still sell well.

Well, except for one. Dragonball Evolution is a game that nobody wanted to play based on a movie that nobody wanted to see. You’d think publishers wouldn’t waste their development budgets making a game based on a movie that everyone within their target demographic was guaranteed to hate, but hey, thinking like that is probably why you aren’t an executive at Namco Bandai. Evolution sort of plays like Tekken… except in stead of having an arsenal of combos at your disposal, your best choice of attack is usually to just spam the square button over and over… and instead of a cast of recognizable fighters, you get to play as the sub D-list “celebrities” (plus Chow Yun Fat,) that were in the film. Strangely enough, none of the cast of the movie could be bothered to do any voice acting for this game, because apparently even Ernie Hudson and… uh, that sort-of-okay-looking-from-far-away Asian chick from The Real World were too good to appear in this abomination.

Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi

The idea: It’s like Tekken + Princess Leia

WWE Crush Hour was a case of a videogame company shoehorning one of their licensed properties into a type of game that had absolutely nothing to do with said license. Dragonball Evolution was a crappy fighting game. Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi is both.

Now, the words “Star Wars” and “fighting game” don’t necessarily clash: I’m sure most Star Wars nerds (including myself,) would kill for some sort of 1 on 1 lightsaber simulator. But unfortunately, that’s not what Masters of Teras Kasi is; instead of letting you live out your favorite duels from the movies, the stupidly named Teras Kasi (yes, Star Wars nerds, I know it’s an in-universe term that refers to a fighting style,) takes all of your favorite Star Wars characters (plus one or two you probably haven’t heard of/don’t care about,) and drops them into a Tekken/Virtua Fighter styled 3D fighter. And yes, it’s as bad as it sounds.

The controls are stiffer than Han Solo in carbonite, and the game’s combo systems and fighting mechanics have about as much depth and nuance as Hayden Christensen’s acting. There is some bizarre joy to be derived from seeing Princess Leia literally punch Darth Vader to death, but unless you really enjoy watching Boba Fett get into awkward fist fights with a Storm Trooper, there’s no reason to inflict Masters of Teras Kasi’s unique brand of self-flagellation upon yourself.

Shadow the Hedgehog

The idea: Creatively bankrupt game company develops way to steal money from 10-13 year old wannabe tough guys.

Sega’s made a lot of bad games ever since the Dreamcast died, but no other game epitomizes Sega’s fall from grace better than Shadow the Hedgehog, the company’s incredibly patronizing attempt at turning their talking animal mascot franchise into something more “mature.” You may be asking, how do you take something as fun and colorful as Sonic and make it into a dark and gritty revenge story that will appeal to today’s discerning, jaded ‘tweens? Well, Sega has answered your question, and it’s every bit as insipid and embarrassing as you’d expect.

Shadow the Hedgehog is basically Sonic’s emo, deviantart-looking doppleganger who was designed by a bunch of marketing execs to tap into their idea of what lame kids think is cool. He embodies everything that is wrong with modern character design, and despite being a Simpsons-esque parody of what a terrible videogame character is supposed to look and act like, apparently he was popular enough to get his own game.

Unsurprisingly, when you design an entire game around a terrible character, the end result ends up being just as terrible. Shadow’s game plays like your average (terrible) Sonic 3D platformer, with all the usual overly loose controls and sloppy level designs you’d expect, except with one main difference: because he’s so obviously bad-ass and full of teenage angst, Shadow can use guns to fight his enemies. I don’t know why you would, since the basic jumping attack works fine in almost every situation, but hey, if you want to awkwardly shoot at enemies instead with a control scheme and a camera system that obviously weren’t designed to facilitate gun-based combat, well, now you can.

The best thing I can say about Shadow the Hedgehog is that it’s not the worse Sonic game ever made, (that dubious title belongs to the 2006 Sonic the Hedgehog reboot,) but that’s sort of like saying getting herpes is preferable to getting AIDS.

Pokemon Channel

The idea: Let’s make a game where you don’t have to deal with the hassle of actually playing a game.

I’m hesitant to list Pokemon Channel on here, because I’m not really sure if it actually qualifies as a game or not. It’s basically a full priced, Pokemon screensaver for your Gamecube. Pressing the power button to turn it on is basically the extent of its interactivity.

There’s been some bizarre concepts for Pokemon games before: Pokemon Snap made taking pictures of Pokemon into a surprisingly fun rail-shooter, and Hey You! Pikachu was, at the very least, a decent way to keep any younger relatives or siblings you may have had out of your hair for an afternoon. Pokemon Channel is none of these things: it’s not fun, and it’s complete and utter lack of interactivity means even the most easily entertained of grade schoolers will likely tire of it after fifteen minutes.

You see, while even the most esoteric of Pokemon spin-offs have had some sort of vague goal or purpose, there’s no real point to Pokemon Channel. You can unlock a special Pokemon to download into your GBA at the end, but other than that, you don’t do much other than simply sit there and watch Pikachu watch other Pokemon on TV (how meta.) Despite being released as a fully priced Gamecube game, Pokemon Channel isn’t all that different than say, a DVD of the Pokemon tv show, in that you’ll spend more time watching it than playing it, and it has about as much interactivity as the set-up menu on that DVD. Nintendo’s vetting process for deciding what games get published by them and what gets canned is infamously harsh, but apparently somebody in Kyoto was asleep at their desk when Pokemon Channel came through the office.

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  1. While Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi was a silly idea, it _wasn’t_ a terrible game.  It sounds like it’s being judged on todays fighting mechanics, but for its time it was a workmanlike (ie, average) fighter with some interesting touches.  There were far worse fighters back in the day, and worse gaming ideas as well ;).

    Comment by Axe99 / 19 Feb / 7:22 pm
  2. @ Axe99 Yup like Battle Arena Toshiden Ura… 

    Comment by SirAnthon / 19 Feb / 11:40 pm
  3. No but you HAD to have Pokémon Channel for the lvl5 Jirachi post completion!

    Comment by James Plus Rachel / 20 Feb / 5:05 am
  4. “awkward 1 on 1 old man fighting game at the end of Metal Gear Solid 4″

    The hell? That was one of the most memorable moments in gaming! That part was so epic that tears were flowing out of my eyes as I was playing. 0___0

    Comment by WEL / 20 Feb / 2:11 pm
  5. I really liked shadow the hedgehog, now i know and agree with the guns+sonic thing really shouldn’t have been but overall i liked the level design and the variety of play, and the hyper shadow at the end was epic. 

    Comment by Brennan Johns / 20 Feb / 2:38 pm
  6. i disagree with shadow the hedgehog

    Comment by guest / 27 Feb / 2:47 pm
  7. very bad article 

    Comment by Tank360 / 28 Feb / 3:29 am
  8. I could think of worse games. Hell worse Sonic games than Shadow the Hedgehog. I guess its the idea he was saying was bad. But Shadow the Hedgehog was better than a lot of the post Dreamcast stuff they put out. I agree giving Shadow a gun, and having him drive was retarded.

    If i’m not mistaken Masters of Teras Kasi also has fans. You should have chosen Street Fighter the Movie the game lol. It’s every bit as bad as the Dragonball one.

    So yeah if I can think of better picks this writer needs to step up his game.

    Comment by sifer2 / 02 Mar / 3:25 am
  9. But you didn’t think of better picks. You chose one movie adaptation that actually wasn’t a stupid idea (not in the sense of making money at least) or *that* bad a game, and you informed us Masters of Teras Kasi “has fans”. Whoop-de-fucking-shit.

    Comment by AggravatingGit / 03 Mar / 9:26 pm
  10. you obviously didnt play shadow the hedgehog. I thing everyone thats played it agrees that its a really good game.

    Comment by JoKeR613 / 05 Mar / 5:03 am
  11. Hi, guy who wrote the article here. Usually don’t reply to comments, but I’m literally dumbfounded that people are defending Shadow the Hedgehog. I bought the game at a clearance sale for 5 dollars and I still felt ripped off. It sounded dumb before I played it, and I hated it even more after I beat it (yes, I played it through all the way. I don’t talk shit on games I haven’t given a fair chance to.) But hey, if you like platformers with terrible level design and imprecise controls, go for it.

    Comment by Michael Lacerna / 05 Mar / 11:57 am
  12. Manly tears….

    Comment by hbk / 05 Mar / 12:49 pm
  13. Shadow the hedgehog was AWESOME!

    Comment by Th3DarkPheon1x(Guest) / 05 Mar / 12:55 pm
  14. Some games are “Love them or hate them” really, I liked the Lands of Lore series even though it was given average reviews at best, and I also hate Call of Duty with a burning passion despite its popularity.

    Good policy to have on not trash-talking things you’ve not played, that seems to be a real issue these days.

    Comment by Rian Quenlin / 05 Mar / 3:19 pm
  15.  i use to play crush hour all the time that game is awesome

    Comment by gunikillu / 08 Mar / 10:28 pm
  16.  Yeah, the instant I read that I could just feel the rage building up, and I never get mad at reading articles!

    Comment by Nesteaman94 / 10 Mar / 8:00 pm
  17. um shadow the hedgehog wasn’t that bad it was nice to not see sonic for once that damn blue hedgehog needed a break this article was awful you sir do not know how to review or write about games

    Comment by Hell2spawn / 18 Mar / 2:14 am
  18. Everyone should play the game Journey and take in some scenery its rare to find a game today that has such simplistic awe-inspiring gameplay (totally off topic)  but good review shadow the hedgehog wasn’t awful and could’ve been replaced with eternal saga or two worlds 2 XD 

    Comment by Journeyman / 18 Mar / 2:20 am
  19. trolloololololol

    Comment by Hell2spawn / 18 Mar / 2:21 am
  20. Thanks for making me laugh so much. The review on Shadow was hilarious and the comment below mine only helps cement the reviewer’s thoughts!

    Comment by Anonymous / 19 Mar / 9:14 am
  21. Well your a idiot guest

    Comment by kxkomots / 20 Mar / 2:14 am
  22. Shadow is one of my favorite characters from sonic. Shadow the hedgehog wasn’t that bad i liked it.

    Comment by Bob / 26 Mar / 2:21 am
  23.  pokemon channel is enjoyable

    Comment by Digijedi569 / 26 Mar / 12:09 pm
  24. Well, regarding Shadow the Hedgehog, it worked as a 3D sonic game, a lot better than most 3D sonic games because they weren’t trying to make it the same fast-paced running that is like the original sonic games. Plus, last I checked, emos and ultimate weapons made to destroy humanity are quite different.

     Likewise, with Masters of Teras Kasi, it isn’t anything brand new. Heck, its a playstation one game. I wouldn’t expect the stunning quality in the way most have now, and even then regarding the characters; they varied. Hoar and Thok, although not exactly known boldly, are both interesting to play because they were a Tusken Raider and a Gamorrean. The controls are clunky, but nothing so terrible that it was a game that shouldn’t have been made.

    Comment by Voidhunter / 29 Mar / 11:48 am
  25. >saw preview image on another site featuring Beyond Good and Evil character
    >implying that Beyond Good and Evil actually sucked
    >saw Beyond Good and Evil didn’t appear in the actual article.

    Congrats, you saved yourself from the rage of people who actually played that game. Spoilers: Everything but the ending didn’t suck. Get it immediately and play it instead of wasting any more time on sucky games.

    It’s worth noting that with the exception of Shadow the Hedgehog (and MAYBE Pokemon Channel) that most of these games weren’t exactly selling like hotcakes when they came out. Hell, I haven’t heard of WWE Crush or the Star Wars one and the only reason I even heard of the Dragonball Evolution one was the sheer amount of bitching by anime fanboys. Whatever. You don’t have to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find games that shouldn’t have been made that people have actually heard of.

    Also, Bubzy 3D takes the cake on all of these. Always.

    Comment by seriouslywhat / 04 Apr / 12:46 pm
  26. Duke Nukem Forever…  Should have just written the project off.  God!  I can’t believe I wasted my money on the POS.

    Comment by Unskinny Bob / 07 Apr / 8:54 am
  27. ACTION 52

    Comment by Gpabich / 07 Apr / 11:26 am
  28. The library from Halo sticks out in my mind as a memorable moment. I thought it was cool, so I have to disagree. 

    Comment by Cooldude777 / 14 Apr / 3:25 am
  29. The library from Halo sticks out in my mind as a memorable moment. I thought it was cool, so I have to disagree. 

    Comment by Cooldude777 / 14 Apr / 3:25 am
  30. omg he’s right these games realy suck ass

    Comment by Ryan / 16 Apr / 1:55 pm
  31. Much like a “guest” before me I also disagree with your take on Shadow the hedgehog(the character not the game…I also thought the game was pretty bad) I really liked Shadow,(not just cause of the common name sake) not only “tweens” were interested in him. I’ve always been a fan of dark doppelganger/versions kinda characters (think spider-man in the venom/symbiot suit) And so an all black and red Sonic in the form of shadow appealed to my love of that style, plus, being a rocker I just really liked the dark design. So when they announced a shadow standalone title I preordered it day one…I never expected the terrible almost borderline racist game I got. Come on Shadow is a “black” hedgehog so he shots guns and drives “steals” cars lying around…really sega…Also he could randomly use the katana…that was also weird 0_o, But i mean it was a total le down for that reason. If it had been just like sonic adventures 1 or 2 but with shadow at the lead I would have had possibly one of my favorite games of all time but sadly that was never to be…Liked the free controller it came with though that was kinda nice.  

    Comment by Kage / 17 Apr / 10:07 pm
  32. Why the HELL did you use the screen cap to the sequel to “Beyond Good and Evil” as the tagger on this?

    Comment by Christopher W Reed / 21 Apr / 5:10 pm
  33. Why the HELL did you use the screen cap to the sequel to “Beyond Good and Evil” as the tagger on this?

    Comment by Christopher W Reed / 21 Apr / 5:10 pm
  34. Fuck you shadow the hedgehog was boss

    Comment by Javionwatkins / 21 Apr / 7:30 pm
  35. Shadow the hedgehog wasn’t that bad. Its about the quality I now expect at best for the whole Sonic franchise. There are several far worse concepts that have made it into games than making a game for the villain/anti hero hedgehog. Some of them in the Sonic franchise itself.

    Comment by Markm58 / 24 Apr / 8:56 pm
  36. I agree on Everything You Said.

    Comment by Daniel / 25 Apr / 1:01 am
  37. I came here to bash anyone who would mark Beyond Good and Evil as a “bad game” in any respect… but you didn’t even mention it… so now I have to assume you used the image in order to get more views… which I have to say is devilishly clever. Damn you and your cleverness… and all these ellipses.

    Comment by Matt / 30 Apr / 10:26 am
  38. AGAIN!!!!!

    “Why the HELL did you use the screen cap to the sequel to “Beyond Good and Evil” as the tagger on this?”

    Comment by BAZ / 30 Apr / 7:51 pm
  39. I’d also like to defend Masters of Teras Kasi, as a good idea that may not have been executed as well as it should have. Seeing as the title of the article is in fact “Stupid ideas that got turned into terrible games” it should require both being true beyond a shadow of a doubt, and the idea of a Star Wars based fighting game is well worth turning into a game. Many Star Wars games that came out in the same general time-frame were deplorable in idea as well as execution, like Galactic Battlegrounds, Force Commander, Jedi Power Battles, and there was even a Twisted Metal clone whose name escapes me. Having played all of them, I’d still say Teras Kasi was the most enjoyable, and wasn’t purely milking the franchise for all it was worth. Also, LucasArts actually cared enough to include characters that had only existed in the Expanded Universe like Mara Jade and Jodo Kast Another game, same era, similar concept, and one that I actually have a soft spot for, deserves the position that you gave to Teras Kasi, and that is Ehrgeiz. Squaresoft decided it’d be an awesome idea to make a fighting game (problem one), include well known characters from Final Fantasy 7 alongside boring, paper thin characters ripped straight from Tekken and Virtua Fighter (purely a money-grab), and even throw in a horrendous shell of an RPG featuring the “main characters,” which were a generic male and female pair with personalities of paste. In addition to a clunky fighting engine it more than deserves being recognised on this list as both a stupid idea and a terrible game.

    Comment by Ragnos13 / 02 May / 12:32 am
  40. You probably fit the target demographic?

    Comment by Andrew Fox / 04 May / 3:13 am
  41. No point feeding the trolls. These are younger gamers who fit the target demographic of the title or write fanfiction about sonic. They won’t let you bash their beloved Shadow I mean he acts tough but he’s torn on the inside awwww.

    But yeah, I doubt they have played enough platformers with well designed levels and camera systems to understand how truly bad Shadow The Hedgehog is.

    I wish they would make more 2D sonic games like they did on the DS but for actual consoles/PC. The only 3D sonic games i’ve enjoyed were the original 2 Sonic Adventure games and they sucked cause of those stupid fishing levels.

    Comment by Andrew Fox / 04 May / 3:16 am

    Comment by Brandon Davidson / 04 May / 11:02 am
  43. Shadow the Hedgehog is amazing. Period!!!

    Comment by Josh Jones / 05 May / 11:32 am
  44. Shadow is not for emo’s. Shadow the hedgehog is awesome!

    Comment by facebook-731708027 / 09 May / 10:55 am
  45. Pussy.

    Comment by QueensGambit / 29 May / 4:22 pm
  46. crush hour was freaking awesome

    Comment by Gunnik_illu / 02 Jun / 8:14 pm
  47. I disagree with all of them 

    Comment by Zac Zac / 03 Jun / 9:59 am
  48. Agreed with the comments. Why the heck did you use a Beyond Good and Evil 2 screenshot? I clicked on this article to complain SOLELY about it’s inclusion as a game that shouldn’t have been made… only to find out that it wasn’t in the article at all.

    You really ought to fix this and remove the screenshot.

    Comment by Cal / 04 Jun / 11:08 pm
  49. I have to agree with the Pokemon Channel opinion, and the DBE opinion, But pretty much the only thing that I don’t agree with you is Shadow the Hedgehog, I mean sure, the graphics could use some work, but it’s awesome because it’s the ONLY game based on the black and red anti-hero in the Sonic franchise.

    Comment by Daniel Rafford / 06 Jun / 6:42 pm
  50. It’s obvious you’re a pre-teen.No one with a sophisticated and fully-functional mind would ever say that the game, nor the character is amazing. 

    Comment by Thekira125 / 14 Jun / 11:34 pm
  51. Wait, so you didn’t like the Liquid v Solid fight at the end of MGS4? That was the perfect way to end the series, and one of the most brilliant boss battles of all time. If you can’t appreciate the gravitas of these two old men, born of war, settling things once and for all with a simple fistfight while their world falls around them, just because it didn’t have a bunch of shiny whiz-bang gizmos, effects, and loud noises, then I just feel sorry for you.

    Comment by Redbarchettayyz / 15 Jun / 7:48 pm
  52. Exactly! I could tell how bad the article was going to be after reading that. 

    Comment by Redbarchettayyz / 15 Jun / 7:49 pm
  53. I wouldn’t say it’s amazing, but the fact that worse Sonic games have been made and will continue to be made (poor Sega, how the mighty have plummeted) makes it hard for me to accept it as part of this list. I mean, Sonic falling in love with a human, time travel, gimmicky sword fighting, whatever the heck Sonic Riders was… all better choices.

    Comment by Guest / 21 Jun / 5:19 am
  54. No. Just no. Shadow The Hedgehog shouldn’t be here.

    Comment by Anonymous / 22 Jun / 8:25 am

    Comment by Joshua Stephens / 22 Jun / 7:11 pm

    Comment by J3mcc / 24 Jun / 3:32 pm
  57. Shadow the Hedgehog was amazing
    Pokemon Channel was ok too, but in a iphone app sort of way

    Comment by PooMan / 24 Jun / 6:24 pm
  58. Yeah. He criticized the Library from Halo. This website is unprofessional.

    Comment by Nazgul5125 / 25 Jun / 10:59 am
  59. Shadow the hedgehog was a good game, and what you said about MGS 4 makes me really mad. Oh, and by the way, Duke Nukem is a fun arcade type game. Grow a pair and don’t call games bad just because you don’t like them. How about shitting on games that no one likes.

    Comment by Grandtheftauto12345 / 29 Jun / 9:26 pm
  60. Right? l

    Comment by Koolaidaddict73 / 29 Jun / 9:27 pm
  61. shadow the hedgehog was stupid.

    Comment by mp4-12c / 10 Jul / 12:22 pm
  62. WWE Crush Hour was fun, a Twisted-metal esque effort to explode some shit

    Comment by 3desuadero / 17 Jul / 10:44 pm
  63. Beyond Good and Evil is a good game 

    Comment by Ali Wwe / 18 Jul / 7:25 pm
  64. shadow the hedgehog is an epic game dude almost everyone who played it liked it

    Comment by Ejtbglasfa / 22 Jul / 6:52 am
  65. Mine too!  When I read that at the beginning I serioudly got pissed off!

    Comment by Spencer Geller / 24 Jul / 12:02 pm
  66. To make your read the article, maybe?  It worked on me.

    Comment by CEC / 24 Jul / 5:57 pm
  67. No, it was a bad, bad game. Everyone i know who has come into any contact with it hated it, passionately. 

    Comment by you are wrong / 01 Aug / 3:44 pm
  68. I loved shadow the Hedgehog and Pokemon Channel

    Comment by Tony RedGrave / 01 Aug / 10:57 pm
  69. Finally! I thought I was the only person in the world who liked that game… I mean, it was ridiculous in some ways (like how they purposely went out of their way to include as many mild curse words as possible), but overall it was a pretty good game. And definitely better than Sonic Heroes.

    Comment by Nicholas Jabbour / 06 Aug / 4:10 am
  70.  I am very honest when I say that I like it the most in the whole Sonic series. Too bad it shouldn’t be in the line of racing games. But still, a very awesome game.

    Comment by Niels Schellekens / 07 Aug / 2:07 pm
  71. I wouldn’t say it was my favorite, but I definitely really liked it. It had some nice replay value, and getting the best ending was more original than “beat the game with every character” or a tedious “get every chaos emerald in every overly-impossible bonus stage” quest. And I liked how both it (and Sonic Heroes) felt mostly bug-free compared to Sonic Adventure 1 and 2.

    Comment by Nicholas Jabbour / 07 Aug / 2:39 pm
  72. Shadow The Hedgehog is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by JIsfhudfg / 09 Aug / 4:03 pm
  73. It’s obvious you’re a pre-teen.No one with a sophisticated and fully-functional mind would ever say that someone’s like or dislike of a particular video game is objectively evidence of their maturity, or lack thereof.

    Comment by Nicholas Alexander Jabbour / 09 Aug / 4:09 pm
  74. Because that’s not what the list is about. The list isn’t called “games everyone hates,” it’s called “stupid ideas turned into terrible games”… obviously, the author’s opinion is going to play into the choices here. Grow a pair and don’t get butthurt because someone disagrees with you.

    Comment by Nicholas Alexander Jabbour / 09 Aug / 4:15 pm
  75. I loved the stealth sections in almost all Zelda games. 

    Comment by Greygoose / 10 Aug / 2:50 am
  76. Good to know i wasn’t the only man who teared up. I mean the different stages of the fight refrencing the entire series? the music? Whoever wrote this article is dead inside.

    Comment by DJWellzWells / 11 Aug / 5:08 am
  77. I guess I am the only one here who had fun with pokemon channel. :D I mean at least you could transfer a Jirachi to your Ruby and Sapphire after beating it.

    Comment by Zocker-pati / 11 Aug / 12:48 pm
  78. dbz evolution may suck but the others are the best

    Comment by dbz / 15 Aug / 7:47 pm
  79. Pretty vicious and fucking bitchy attitude towards shadow the hedgehog. Can’t half tell you are a bias fucking prick. I was enjoying reading the things on this website, But after the utter cluster fuck that was written up about shadow the hedgehog, I won’t be coming back. Believe it or not, The sonic fan base has grown up and moved away from the perky bright colourful sonic days. We’re defeated adults and seek maturity and shadow is that embodiment. Of course you’re narrow minded fuck of self probably isn’t intelligent enough to see that.

    Comment by Maian / 18 Aug / 5:51 am
  80. I agree with everything but shadow the hedgehog. It sounded like an attack against the character and not the game and the angst you complained about…This is the game where he GETS OVER IT!

    Comment by Gunmun / 19 Aug / 1:05 pm
  81. Yeah, that was a cheap trick indeed.

    Comment by Maurog / 20 Aug / 1:59 pm
  82. Pokemon Channel is a fun game though so that can stop right there.

    Comment by Adam / 27 Aug / 1:50 pm
  83. You highly overestimate the burden of proof here- this is a gaming site, not a court of law…

    Comment by joebob / 31 Aug / 12:48 pm
  84. Bye.

    Comment by JaiGuru / 31 Aug / 9:32 pm
  85. Teräs Käsi is Finnish for “steel hand”. So, it’s not just an in-universe invention. But yeah, it sounds stupid as hell. Especially for me, as a Finn.

    Comment by amkva / 02 Sep / 10:42 am
  86. Shadow the Hedgehog was a good game.

    Comment by chaos / 08 Sep / 6:34 am
  87. Was a Jirachi worth $50 to you?

    Comment by DexDude / 21 Sep / 2:49 pm
  88. True I disagree with u on shadow the hedge hog better then playing sonic REPAETINGLY

    Comment by PILLS / 21 Sep / 3:45 pm

    Comment by PILLS / 21 Sep / 3:47 pm
  90. What?

    Comment by Nicholas Alexander Jabbour / 21 Sep / 5:17 pm
  91. shadow was one of the best sonic games i have ever played and your reviews on these games seem a little biased

    Comment by gabriel / 23 Sep / 9:24 am
  92. you’re a dumb bitch. the star wars game was cool fucker.

    Comment by Kyle Styres / 26 Sep / 10:14 am
  93. ‘The old man fighting game at the end of MGS4′. Right. What I think you meant, was two brothers, who have been tirelessly hunting each other down for years, finally hashing it out despite their old age. Metal Gear Solid is SUCH a superb franchise, and after you crawl through that chamber as Snake and end up brawling with Liquid, it was just Hideo Kojima doing his very best. You sicken me, and I certainly hope you’re free lance.

    Comment by SirenMaya / 02 Oct / 8:58 am
  94. Duke nukem forever is a decent game to play. Yeah, the game may have no ADS (DNF players know the awkwardness of zooming in with the weapons), graphics designed for the original xbox or PS2, and the long loading times every time you die or load the game up (thanks to Piranha) but if you ignore those elements the game is, at least, enjoyable. Duke Nukem has seen better days but, lets face it, EVERYONE that has waited 12 years for DNF has got what they wanted; the game.

    Comment by RandomClock / 02 Oct / 4:27 pm
  95. You’re too young to be using that kind of language. Wash your mouth out with soap and go to your room.

    Comment by dead goat / 08 Oct / 12:02 pm
  96. Keep seeking maturity, then. You’re still a long way from finding it.

    Comment by dead goat / 08 Oct / 12:06 pm
  97. Just shut up these are games that he most probly doesn’t like You did not write it he did

    Comment by george / 08 Oct / 6:58 pm
  98. Shadow the Hedgehog is an awesome character and the person who posted this artle is a douche. Shadow is cool and one of my favorite characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. This article needs to be removed.

    Comment by ThisArticleSucks / 15 Oct / 1:46 pm
  99. How the hell is he “trolling”. It’s such a dumbass overrused term that’s lost what meaning it may have had. He was merely defending his belief. I played Shadow the Hedgehog and I didn’t realy like it. However Shadow is an awesome character. In what way is Shadow a bad character?

    Comment by ThisArticleSucks / 15 Oct / 1:49 pm
  100. What was wrong with the ending of MGS4? – Rhetorical, NOTHING.

    Comment by Vizor-Hawk / 16 Oct / 4:59 pm

    Comment by Masashifan / 17 Oct / 6:59 pm
  102. How DARE you say those things about Shadow the Hedgehog!

    Comment by Beaminator / 19 Oct / 5:54 pm
  103. i think it was an okay game, i think the karma system and chaos powers should have been expanded though

    Comment by Aj Mallison / 20 Oct / 5:14 pm
  104. The MGS4 end fight was amazing. STFU

    Comment by Orthropox / 20 Oct / 5:36 pm
  105. Dragonball: Evolution………everyone that had anything to do with that should be beaten……. with giant dildo swords.

    Comment by Solx / 04 Nov / 11:12 pm
  106. agree, Dragon Ball evolution game? that s crap from the start.

    Comment by Fer / 19 Nov / 12:04 pm
  107. Hey! Metal Gear Solid 4 comment!
    That is an awesome fight. When I say awesome, I mean it in the literal old meaning.
    As in, awe-striking.

    You have to think of the whole series’ story.
    Rewind, replay reverse…

    It makes sense.

    Comment by Smiith5 / 20 Nov / 6:44 pm
  108. pokemon channel wasnt that like the wiis pokemon ranch? you used it to store pokemon idk for sure but if it is then it coinsides with pokemon emerald/ruby/saphire/fire red/leaf green

    Comment by dooksmcenzie / 28 Nov / 7:17 pm
  109. Sonic games are the best that crapy writer know thing about good games

    Comment by winner / 02 Dec / 4:25 pm
  110. No that was “Pokémon BOX: Ruby & Sapphire”

    Comment by Jeff Overkamp / 03 Dec / 10:10 pm
  111. Sonic games were great up until Sonic Heroes, then they fell, and fell hard.

    Comment by Aren / 04 Dec / 10:26 am
  112. 1st of all mgs4 fighting scene is a easter egg/final battle all in all and shadow the hedgehog was actually quite intruging for me hey i mean he had a good story for his life and it was fun killing yourself on purpose to replay that awsome running part i mean wow!!!

    Comment by me gusta gam3r / 04 Dec / 1:58 pm
  113. me gusta

    Comment by me gusta gam3r / 04 Dec / 2:00 pm
  114. Think about

    Comment by Logan S Darklock / 06 Dec / 10:12 pm
  115. Think about Sonic The Hedgehog

    Comment by Logan S Darklock / 06 Dec / 10:13 pm
  116. Agreed. I only play Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 for the chao. When they quit making chao, I quit playing. The horribly touchy controls didn’t help that much either, Playing Sonic the Hedghog (2006) was as frustrating as playing Halo on legendary with all the skulls activated on your first attempt from easy difficulty. I remember playing Sonic games that were fun, well developed, and well thought out. Games where sonic could run ultra fast and not be forced to run in a near straight line. …And the loading screens….. …THE LOADING SCREENS…


    Comment by lavabeam@yahoo.com / 11 Dec / 11:26 am
  117. pokemon channel was awesome, your a grown up so you dont get to judge, its meant for kids so let a kid judge

    Comment by Hank Oswald / 13 Dec / 7:43 pm
  118. shadow the hedgehog and metal gear solid 4 are both awesome so nobody likes u now tat u said that

    Comment by uber / 14 Dec / 8:20 pm
  119. and when u say that sega has made alot of bad games since the dreamcast died, that is just bullcrap.

    Comment by uber / 14 Dec / 8:22 pm
  120. AND all the sonic 3d platformers are awesome including sonic 2006 which u think is a “sonic reboot” ur probably just mad cuz the modern, 3d games are better that the dreamcast, 2d games which also (in my opinion) were hard as crap cuz u couldnt save so stop making crap comments about how u think the modern sonic games are “terrible” cuz they are better than the dreamcast ones.

    Comment by uber / 14 Dec / 8:28 pm
  121. You spelled street fighter the movie the game wrong.

    Comment by mattwo / 15 Dec / 5:06 am
  122. …Shadow the Hedgehog sucks strongly.

    Comment by Mateus Araújo / 15 Dec / 11:31 pm
  123. Hey I loved Pokemon channel!! I played the shit out of that game!! A good idea for this list would have been MLB front office manager, that game was broken/unplayable, hey let’s make a baseball game where you don’t get to play baseball.

    Comment by Wyatt / 16 Dec / 3:51 pm
  124. so you diss mgs4 AND you diss a kids game as a grown up? whatever!

    Comment by anonymus / 16 Dec / 6:11 pm
  125. “old meaning?” Um, what is the “new” meaning for awesome?

    Comment by Dilly / 16 Dec / 11:10 pm
  126. While I’m the only person in the entire universe that thinks most of the new Sonic games are just as fun as the old, I have to disagree with you on Sonic 2006. Both that game and Shadow the Hedgehog are embarrassing failures that I only refer to for the sake of humorous comparison. Otherwise, I refuse to acknowledge their existence.

    Comment by Matt Garner / 18 Dec / 5:56 pm
  127. The reason they were good is because they were “HARD” and “CHALLENGING” your response to this whole page shows how immature and how crap you are at sonic. I’m not saying im good, im terrible at it. But atleast i know why the old ones were fun. there weren’t these impossible camera controls. It was just simple how people like it, Almost any 3d game sega makes is a piece of crap now. unplayable games that you will easily get bored of because of how easy they are. Saving your game just removes the challenge. You are probably just defending the Modern Games of sonic just because you dont take the time to play the older games that still exist. Before you respond to me because im a piece of crap “*”*”*”*([In YOUR OPINION])*”*”*”*” take the time to actually play them and beat atleast one of the 2d games

    Comment by The Realist / 18 Dec / 11:58 pm
  128. that last fight with liquid was one of the best fights between two old men ive ever seen!

    Comment by Liam Mccann / 20 Dec / 5:55 pm
  129. Hey I agree with most of these games being pretty shoddy, but Shadow the Hedgehog was pretty badass. It may be a fail Sega attempt to turn Sonic’s colorful and whimsical design into a dark gothic style, but give the game credit, it was different from the usual Sonic franchise all about racing to the end to kick Egg-man’s big round ass. Shadow has multiple endings, unlockable weapons and rideable vehicles. The ability to choose good or evil was a nice touch, added on to being able to use secret powers depending on how good or bad you were. I’d give it a 7 on the 1-10 scale. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love sonic, but Shadow was a nice spin-off of the franchise to give it some extra variety. Now a game you SHOULD have put on the “How the hell did this game get made?” list was Sonic Unleashed. THAT was horrible (Especially for the Wii, ugh.)

    Comment by MaxMouse / 31 Dec / 12:34 pm
  130. How about every Pro League Sport Game ever, oh and Workout games. Why not inspire people to go the fk outside, FOR FREE.

    Comment by Snackless / 02 Jan / 9:16 pm
  131. Definitely got trolled by the fact that you had a reference to Beyond Good and Evil in the picture, I was mad when I started reading, thinking it would be on here. Well played! ;D

    Comment by Pariah / 03 Jan / 3:38 pm
  132. As in when people say, “I’m having fish for dinner, AWESOME!” or “You’re AWESOME” . Awesome is something which strikes or causes awe

    Comment by Colin / 04 Jan / 4:01 pm
  133. Using the picture from the unreleased “Beyond Good and Evil II” Is actually not a good example for your article. The original game was an excellent although a sleeper of a game. I wish somebody from the first group of artists would create a second part for it

    Comment by Ooftymagoofty / 04 Jan / 4:07 pm
  134. I enjoyed pokemon channel….
    when i was 6…

    Comment by ajg / 04 Jan / 5:13 pm
  135. lol shadow a terruble character? this guy doesnt know what he’s talking about, shadow the hedgehog was a fun game, this guy is no gamer to me, what a fucking piece of shit

    Comment by me / 05 Jan / 5:25 pm
  136. shadow the hedgehog was a god game, god all these people are seriously not gamers

    Comment by me / 05 Jan / 5:26 pm

    Comment by mrfallout984 / 05 Jan / 11:01 pm
  138. The 2006 Sonic the Hedgehog game wasn’t a reboot, they just gave it the same title as the original game for some reason. Guess that’s what I get for expecting this site to do some basic fact checking.

    Comment by PedroBayer / 06 Jan / 1:35 am
  139. Thank God They were Finished Before it was Too Late

    Comment by Kris C. / 09 Jan / 4:40 pm
  140. Hey! Shadow The Hedgehog is a good game.

    Comment by Carchez / 10 Jan / 9:01 pm
  141. Well no shit anything is better than the dreamcast. Sonic ’06 was absolute shit though.

    Comment by No sugar / 10 Jan / 9:34 pm
  142. Exactly this happened to me. I was mad when I opened the page. Afterwards, I just felt trolled.

    Comment by sinni800 / 13 Jan / 12:52 pm
  143. That means you’re at most 16… And I thought that the game would be younger so I could diss you for a stupid 12 year old.

    Comment by sinni800 / 13 Jan / 12:55 pm
  144. Ugh. The Wii Version drove me insane. The jumping sequences as a werehog were SO HORRIBLE. The graphics of this game couldn’t deliver depth enough for me to be able to know how to jump.

    Comment by sinni800 / 13 Jan / 12:57 pm
  145. Hey c’mon, Pok’emon Channel was a good game and my favourite gamecube game, it was better than Dragon Ball Evolution game at least XD

    Comment by Fahd Al Zarooni / 14 Jan / 2:32 am
  146. I clicked on this because the picture for the link was of Beyond Good and Evil 2 and I was sorely disappointed that there was no mention of the game. Though i have to say it’s better than it being called one of the top 5 games that never should have been made, but still, that’s false advertising.

    Comment by Justice / 17 Jan / 4:55 pm
  147. Sonic 06 is not the best game, but it isn’t the worst game. I think Sonic labyrinth was a much worse title. Also, if you want to play a game that’s so bright and cheery, play a Super Mario game.(No offense to Nintendo.) I think you were a bit Butthurt on that topic.

    Comment by JKam97 / 20 Jan / 12:08 pm
  148. Shadow the hedgehog’s not a bad game, but it’s not the worst idea, the worst one is sonic 06, and riders, Why do you people hate Shadow ?!

    Comment by axelu / 29 Jan / 6:44 pm
  149. I stopped reading this shit after this asshole of a pseudo-writer dissed MGS4.

    If you didn’t understand the meaning of that fight, and by association the ideas behind the MGS games, you clearly have no place criticizing anything video game related.

    Comment by Marsja Dortland / 07 Feb / 1:30 am
  150. Shadow the hedgehog is an AWESOME game, and your reasons for not liking it are even more retarded.

    Comment by Chaco / 10 Feb / 11:25 pm
  151. You suck strongly :)

    Comment by Chaco / 10 Feb / 11:27 pm
  152. HOW DARE YOU include Shadow on the same list as Dragonball Evolution!

    Comment by Someone / 10 Feb / 11:29 pm
  153. Masters of Teras Kasi indeed sucked for its controls, but the overall idea, albeit stupid, could’ve had turned out into a fun game. And even though I also hated the Library the first time I’ve played Halo, that’s because I sucked at it, it is actually a pretty intense level once you learn how to play it.

    Comment by Eduardo Hoeller / 11 Feb / 1:24 am
  154. Jesus, why is everyone saying that Shadow is awesome. That game fucking sucks!

    Comment by Dan Solimene / 11 Feb / 10:11 am
  155. Sonic the hedgedog sucks more.

    Comment by Marcio Campos / 12 Feb / 6:28 pm
  156. All Shadow the Hedgehog was, literally, was Sonic Heroes without
    swapping between flight/power/speed characters and with optional weapons
    and vehicles. The engines are the exact same.

    saying Heroes was AMAZING, but Sonic ’06 was without a doubt the
    pinnacle achievement of disappointment in terms of broken gameplay and
    negligent polish.

    Also, Shadow is considered one of the
    top three most popular Sonic characters, so to say he’s ‘bad,’ as a
    character, is like stating Gus from Psych is ‘bad.’ It’s an eccentric,
    uncommon opinion that will have most fans of the series lash out at you

    I would have preferred to read about the shovelware games.

    Comment by Brad / 14 Feb / 2:03 am
  157. to be honest, shadow is not a bad game…is kind of funny and addictive sometimes.. im not a retard kid, or a shadow lover.. im a mature man, who loves plattaformers… i just play that game..and i think is not a bad bad game.
    nuff said.
    i must go, my planet needs me.

    Comment by caca / 23 Feb / 8:34 pm
  158. so I just have to point out the spelling error here, “frpm” in the sentence “These are the videogame equivalents of Tommy Wiseau’s The Room or Jennifer Lopez’s Gigli; these are games that were flawed frpm the moment of inception…”

    Comment by Alex / 24 Feb / 8:13 pm
  159. I actually thought the stealth sections in Skyward Sword were pretty cool. They were annoying to play, but pretty cool atmospherically.

    Comment by Insigma / 24 Feb / 10:05 pm
  160. Dude, doesn’t every dark-tinted hedgehog need his own plattaformer?

    Comment by Sarah Pullen / 25 Feb / 7:37 pm
  161. At least the music was awesome… The werehog controls just usually ended up with me falling off of a platform I had taken ten minutes to get to, and when I went too fast with Sonic, I would just get catapulted off the stage. The places were really memorable, though. Empire City rocked and Chun-Nan was my favorite. Holoska was cool too, but I got a new hard drive just after I unlocked it, so I have little memories.

    Comment by Sarah Pullen / 25 Feb / 7:43 pm
  162. This is such a horrible review…article…whatever the hell you’d deem it. The writer couldn’t possibly be past the age of 14 as he continually makes apples to oranges comparisons. I don’t know why I keep reading all of these BS filled articles spewed from the mouths of sellouts.

    Teras Kasi was actually a damn good game–in its time. The conception of being able to wield a lightsaber or play as certain star wars characters, as a kid, was fucking fascinating. It may not have been an amazing game but it surely was NOT a “Stupid Idea”.

    While I never really got into the whole shadow the hedgehog thing I could appreciate the effort. The revitalization of Segas more or less repetitive sonic franchise was rather refreshing.

    Pokemon channel…really? You’re going to make fun of one of the most remember-able Pokemon concepts? You have to be too young or WAY too old to not enjoy this one. The original 150 were fantastic. Being able to explore and decent sized world with random activities along with Pokemon…fantastic!

    Michael Lacerna, go fuck yourself. Stop writing.

    Comment by haud7 / 26 Feb / 4:15 pm
  163. I actually REALLY REALLY enjoyed the Shadow The Hedgehog game.And when I was young playing Pokemon Channel was fun as hell too. I don’t think they were that bad.

    Comment by Alexandros Doane / 27 Feb / 11:27 pm
  164. Banjo- Kazooie nuts and bolts

    Comment by onijuy / 28 Feb / 2:08 am
  165. Hey, I’ve got one too.

    Michael Lacerna was a terrible idea that got turned into a stupid human being.

    Comment by DerGeneral / 28 Feb / 8:31 am
  166. Shadow the Hedgehog was made when fans of sonic kept asking for Sonic to have a gun.
    They felt that a character having a gun felt more in line with dark, serious Shadow, instead of bright, happy and cheerful Sonic.
    Therefore, it was actually a great idea to help expand the Sonic fanbase.

    Comment by Datguy / 28 Feb / 2:44 pm
  167. Pokemon Channel was awesome. I played that game pretty much anytime i could as a kid.

    Comment by Austin / 28 Feb / 10:59 pm
  168. Pokemon Channel was great dickholes.

    Comment by WOOF / 01 Mar / 8:20 am
  169. I’ve think you’ve awoken the vengeful sperg sonic fans


    Comment by Baumer / 01 Mar / 11:11 am
  170. As Soon I reached to Shadow the Hedgehog I stopped reading cuz that was a good game and so far you are putting your opinions. Next time you should resaerch or do survays on what games people thought that were awful.

    Comment by W16D / 01 Mar / 7:27 pm
  171. The library in halo? WTF

    Comment by Eric Thompson / 02 Mar / 6:07 pm
  172. He’s was an awesome character in SA2:B and alright in Heroes, but Shadow the Hedgehog went too far and made him the whiny emo bastard we know today. And the game still sucked.

    Comment by ghost_nappa / 02 Mar / 8:51 pm
  173. I agree with everything here except shadow the hedgehog that was a fun game.

    Comment by Anthony / 03 Mar / 3:13 pm
  174. boomm boomm boomm

    Comment by jermaine / 03 Mar / 6:30 pm
  175. It’s hard to tell, are the people saying Shadow the Hedgehog was a good game trolling or brain dead?

    Comment by Johnny Rider / 04 Mar / 1:40 pm
  176. douche bag

    Comment by FuckY'all / 04 Mar / 4:58 pm
  177. shadow the hedgehog was a fucking epic game never even heard of those other games though

    Comment by christian johnson / 04 Mar / 7:33 pm
  178. hell yeah tell that son of a bitch

    Comment by cj / 04 Mar / 7:36 pm
  179. Whoever made this list was an idiot. Shadow’s story needed to be told. Aww…. is Shadow too “gritty” for you? You don’t like the fact that he weilds guns now? Lemme ask you something my friend.

    “What would you do if your childhood friend was murdered by a bunch of psycho marines hell-bent on a communist reform when it came to space travel; only to find out the very thing that created you was the very thing said psycho marines intended to stop?”

    A: Pull out a gun on anything that moves.

    B: Pull out a knife on anything that moves.

    C: Pull out a good/evil motif on anything that moves.

    D: All of the above.

    …If you guessed D, you’re right.

    >_> It’s opinion lists like these that need to be removed from the internet. Too full of moronic reasoning, and “follow the hate crowd” motives.

    Comment by NotAPeoplePerson / 05 Mar / 2:34 am
  180. It’s certainly nowhere near an ‘awesome’ game–on the other hand, it’s not as horrible as people make it out to be, either.

    Comment by Christopher Forsyth / 05 Mar / 4:31 pm
  181. *laugh* I was just refering to this article to someone and used nearly exactly that description for Dragonball Evolution.

    Comment by Christopher Forsyth / 05 Mar / 4:36 pm
  182. It could be worse. There could also be a mortal kombat armegeddon game.

    Comment by mattwo / 06 Mar / 5:26 pm
  183. Leave a message… pokemon channel? WHAT THE HECK?!?!?!

    Comment by Supcat548 / 06 Mar / 6:16 pm
  184. I don’t know why Shadow gets so much hate, I really enjoyed that game.

    Comment by Gareth Goddard / 08 Mar / 1:06 pm
  185. and you had to post that anonymusly?

    Comment by RichardCranium / 09 Mar / 2:53 am
  186. you mean like a pokemon game where you don’t actually play pokemon?

    Comment by RichardCranium / 09 Mar / 2:55 am
  187. yeah, if your into lame emo hedgehogs it is great

    Comment by RichardCranium / 09 Mar / 2:56 am
  188. because if they went outside, then there be no money to be made off kids who “need” the game then never use it because they are to fat and lazy to actually use it

    Comment by RichardCranium / 09 Mar / 3:01 am
  189. Shadow the hedgehog is gay, he is an emo who sucks sonics tiny dck trolololol

    Comment by RichardCranium / 09 Mar / 3:06 am
  190. ikr Shadow is way more gay where Dragonball Evolution was just lame

    Comment by RichardCranium / 09 Mar / 3:08 am
  191. get off Shadows pin sized dck

    Comment by RichardCranium / 09 Mar / 3:09 am
  192. TROLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by RichardCranium / 09 Mar / 3:11 am
  193. I do believe it is you who does not about good games, or how to properly form a sentence.

    Comment by RichardCranium / 09 Mar / 3:15 am
  194. Agreed, the movie was a piece of sht, why the fck would they make a game of it.

    Comment by RichardCranium / 09 Mar / 3:17 am
  195. Really. Really now. Shadow the Hedgehog is an amazing game and character; no reason to hate. Guns were almost MANDATORY when fighting against the harder enemies. I had more fun playing that game than I had playing Pokemon, which is saying a lot.

    Comment by nutty48 / 09 Mar / 10:59 pm
  196. Shadow’s story didn’t need to be told, because he didn’t exist until that game.

    Comment by Mew Mew / 10 Mar / 11:44 pm
  197. I don’t see how the starwars fighting game was a bad idea, I mean I get the game sucked but the concept isn’t stupid like the other games, and shadow the hedge concept wasn’t that stupid, I’m not saying it’s not stupid but the other two pokemon games you mentioned in the article are both worse so I’m sure you could of found better examples if you cared to look.

    Comment by person2002 / 12 Mar / 2:48 pm
  198. metal gear solid question
    why the name snake,what would name him if you could?

    Comment by stevo127 / 12 Mar / 10:01 pm
  199. metroid question
    samus is hot,is she not

    Comment by stephenholland127 / 12 Mar / 10:03 pm
  200. Downton Abbey Kart Racing doesn’t sound nearly as bad as intended.

    Comment by stephen / 13 Mar / 12:45 pm
  201. Man…
    I will try to stay calm…
    What´s fucking wrong with the final battle of Metal Gear 4?! Just tell me one thing that justifies that this event deserve to be called a “Stupid idea that got terrible” serious, man…have ever played the series BEFORE playing MGS4?!!
    Ok, Shadow the Hedgehog is not a good game, but, Shadow is a GREAT character, so great, that got his own game! Have you ever played Sonic Adventure 2? You will see what a great backstory he has !

    From Brazil, sorry the bad english !

    Comment by Silas / 15 Mar / 10:21 am
  202. This article sucks. He had the courage to start talking about “how stupid is the final battle of MGS4″
    And Shadow has a GREAT backstory ! Even in the hated Sonic 06, the plot of his episode is great!
    “If the world chooses to become my enemy, I will fight like I always have!”

    Comment by Silas / 15 Mar / 10:26 am
  203. Lol at the amount of butthurt Shadow fanboys replying. Someone hates your furry emo faggot rolemodel. Get over it.

    Comment by Rockman13 / 15 Mar / 8:08 pm
  204. Stealth elements in Zelda and MGS4’s final boss fight were bad? That’s a laugh.

    Comment by JuicieJ / 21 Mar / 11:18 pm
  205. What about the Zelda CDi games and the Mario preschool games on the SNES? Also Shadow The Hedgehog might have been a somewhat mediocre game but at least it was 10X better than that horrible Sonic ’06! I own and enjoyed the GameCube version.

    Comment by Blake Good / 22 Mar / 1:25 pm
  206. Horribly written.

    Comment by jgi85 / 22 Mar / 8:32 pm
  207. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    Comment by Chelsea / 22 Mar / 9:15 pm
  208. Metal Gear Solid 4 was badass. That fight at the end wasn’t that bad, it was interesting how things started coming out, revealing plot twists and whatnot

    Comment by Razberryclownsac / 23 Mar / 5:14 pm
  209. anyone else here come to this death hole from watch the simpsons online

    Comment by Kyle / 24 Mar / 1:50 pm
  210. shadow the hedgehog was amazing
    i bet you just didnt understand what buttons to push so you got frustrated

    Comment by kujo / 25 Mar / 12:04 am
  211. You suck person who made this because I love all of these things p.s your gay and maybe a lesbian

    Comment by Nothing / 25 Mar / 11:03 pm
  212. hey..what about battlefield 2, its a very2 amazingly ultra super hyper stupid shitty game i ever play. only idiot say its a good game. that is a very retard game

    Comment by battle field / 26 Mar / 9:27 am
  213. Not to mention the fact that they tried to give a flat, one dimensional character like Sonic a serious story plot (Sonic 06).

    Comment by Some Random Guy / 26 Mar / 9:47 am
  214. Oh yeah dude, totally. Call of Duty is way better! (Sarcasm)

    Comment by Guy Dude Man Face Dude Guy / 26 Mar / 9:53 am
  215. I agree that the WWE Twisted Metal Edition game was retarded. I’ve never played it, but it just sounds so fucking stupid. And a video game based on the worst live-action interpretation of anything ever? Count me out. I played Shadow about half-way, then I got bored of it and sold it for 5 bucks at GameStop. I have no idea why Sega even tries anymore, they hit their prime back in the 90s and it was all downhill from there. I don’t know much about Pokemon Channel, I played Snap, and I thought that was more deserving of “What the hell were they thinking?!” than Channel. Who wants to go around taking pictures of Pokemon? I want to catch ‘em all, not snap ‘em all! Sorry for the TL;DR wall of text. But if you read the whole thing, good for you, here’s a cookie.

    Comment by TL;DR alert / 26 Mar / 10:05 am
  216. perfect list ….i mean it all these games suck

    Comment by Jimmey's mommy 8===D / 26 Mar / 8:21 pm
  217. we dont know we just put them on

    Comment by anoymus / 26 Mar / 8:23 pm
  218. Thank u shadow the hedgehog isn’t that bad of a game.I actually injoy it.Its one of the few games I actually play on my PS2 anymore besides sonic heroes and riders.As for the others on the list…..I agree except for shadow.

    Comment by .....Techno / 27 Mar / 7:10 pm
  219. they should take one of these off and add dbz kinect dont get me wrong I love dbz and cant wait to watch battle of gods but cmon that game is one of the worst I and probably others have ever played.

    Comment by DbzFan / 28 Mar / 9:44 pm
  220. I have to disagree with the “Pokémon Channel” description, its “interactivity” interface is may times better than the atrocity that is “Hey You, Pikachu!” Channel at least let you use the Gamecube buttons, whereas Hey You forced you to yell into a microphone that didn’t recognize what you were trying to say half the tome anyway. In addition, Channel included several animated shorts (which are unlock by playing, admittedly, annoying minigames) featuring the Pichu Brothers, which increases the entertainment value over Hey You. not saying that Channel doesn’t belong on this list, but its predecessor deserves to be ranked above it (& I mean that in a bad way.)

    Comment by Jonathan Garrett / 01 Apr / 10:45 pm
  221. ive played the pokemon one and it sucked dicks and the rest I havent

    Comment by shaddman / 05 Apr / 3:13 am
  222. there all okay I guess except the pokemon one

    Comment by shaddman / 05 Apr / 3:15 am
  223. It’s rather unfair to be so cruel about pokemon game, really, you should have marked the Dragonball Evolution game as your pick for worst dumb idea game, because a main difference being, you got something as a reward for popping in Pokemon Channel, where you only got an abortion like every playstation and xbox ever crapped into the market.

    As an old school gamer, I know graphics are NOT at all important, as it’s the game design functions of story, gameplay, music, and replay value that make a game worth buying and even keeping!

    Look at the Harvest Moon series, with random weather events that, if you’re lucky, can water your crops for you, or make it easier to get yourself some new friends, the villagers and their individual stories for friendship also work well.

    Perfect Dark on N64 was considered almost perfect with frame rates somewhat lacking(that trippy vision from getting punched was a big contributor to dropped frames), working too much on the visuals takes away from the actual game. I remember when it took like 1-2 years to make a game you’d keep decades after you’ve played the hell out of it just because it was that awesome!

    Unfortunately, kids these days only think that online translates to replay value. Though it has become an effective tool for replay value like achievements, trophies, medals, and badges, it’s not all about these new additions, as unlockables play a crucial part like a responsive AI that puts you in a rock paper scizors mindset to figure out which move the game will try next.

    Pokemon’s replay hitch is that you have to capture every single pokemon in the games to get a complete pokedex, with which you can then show off to everyone(and deleting that save data may be recognized as an unforgivable sin to any religious organization, especially with a shiny legendary in the roster!), with the Legend of Zelda it was the lengthy quest and the chance to play a second quest that was even harder than the first.

    Kids these days dont know what real replay value is in video games, and developers have forgotten that too. unlockables, the hopes of beating your personal high score, seeing how far you can get in your game without losing a single life, these things made the game more enjoyable.

    Too many posers obsessing over Call of Duty on XBL or PSN wasting the gaming industry down to bland half-assed regurgitated shooters… I remember when Call of Duty was a FPS simulation of World War 2 on PC! You had the Allies and the Axis, and Wolfenstein was awesome. Now it’s all “Modern Warfare” this and that, and too much focus on “Teh grafix maan”! Cut back on the graphics and put in some damn decent gameplay! You wonder how Nintendo can last this long? GAMEPLAY! REPLAY VALUE, MUSIC, STORY! I guarantee you that if it looked like a 8-bit or even 16-bit game, it would still get mad reviews, and praise from God almighty himself!

    You kids dont know how much work it took to make a game with actual quality to it!

    If you missed out completely on the Nintendo VS Sega console wars, you cant call yourself a gamer until you’ve played on Nintendo and Sega’s systems!

    Comment by Peter Crowley / 06 Apr / 5:00 pm
  224. I… don’t MIND Shadow the Hedgehog. Not the best game, but not TOO bad. Not that great, but not too bad.
    I like the character, but he didn’t need a solo game.

    Comment by Adam Wilson / 07 Apr / 4:27 am
  225. But, seriously people. Just because someone out there doesn’t like a game, doesn’t mean you have you have to start bitching all over the comments. Come on. They’re just games.

    Comment by Adam Wilson / 07 Apr / 4:36 am
  226. Um, I think it’s trying to communicate, what do we do?

    Comment by that one guy / 08 Apr / 1:38 am
  227. WOW!!! I just got a free Xbox live codes at http://mscodes.info/

    Comment by Michael / 08 Apr / 10:41 am
  228. I, as a hardcore fan for anything involving Sonic, must say that Shadow the Hedgehog wasn’t a bad game. I actually love it. It put a bit of “choose your own adventure” elements into a Sonic game. And I actually like having a more “mature” type of Sonic game. Because not all Sonic fans are five year old little kids. A lot of us are teens, and some even adults. So making at least ONE mature game was a good idea. It shows that SEGA knows there are mature fans out there, and atempted to make something for them. I think that adding a bit more “mature” elements into a Sonic game wouldn’t be a bad idea, really.

    Comment by BlackDemon / 09 Apr / 5:54 am
  229. Remember the Last Airbender?

    Comment by Lewis Lovhaug / 10 Apr / 12:32 pm
  230. Well, I like sucking lemons, but I don’t really now what the hell does it have to do with the lack of quality in Shadow the Hedgehog.

    Comment by Mateus Araújo / 23 May / 6:28 pm

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